Your skincare is already formulated to keep your skin healthy using plant actives and botanicals, but how does the TEMPERATURE of your products make a difference? Cooled products not only feel refreshing, but can help with puffiness and alleviating sensitive skin.

Think about this when it comes to your eye creams, face mists and moisturizers. Those products tend to feel extra soothing when they come out of the fridge; it can also extend their shelf life. Might be time to look into a mini skincare fridge...


You may already know and use this next tip, but as a skin therapist, I can't stress this one enough. The skin around the eyes is super thin, delicate and the first place to clock your true age group. If you take away anything from this post, it's THIS!

Apply eye products using your ring finger. Why?
You apply the least amount of pressure with this digit and you don't have to second guess if you're being too rough when using it to slather on your eye cream. 


Here's a science lesson for the day. Oil and water repel, right? And, get this...your skin cannot absorb water but it CAN absorb oil. That being said, there are ingredients in your skincare formulas that aid in delivering water to the skin,(i.e. hyaluronic acid and tremella extract) so don't panic.

The point I'm trying to make is that using something water-based to "prime" the skin, allows for your oil-based products to absorb at warp speed. For example, I love misting my face with toner, and while it's still damp, I press a few drops of my oil serum over top and my skin just slurps it up. This also works in the bath with bath oils. Add a few drops of your favourite blend to the water and your skin will drink it in as you soak your worries away.


A common oversight in your skin routine that has NOTHING to do with your products is the frequency of the pillowcase turnover. Your pillowcase is home to bacteria, makeup and dirt that builds up from use. Changing it every couple of days (or daily if you're acne-prone) is a game changer for keeping the gross stuff from polluting your skin. And those who will rebut this with "Well, I wash my face before bed...", yeah, you too! There's still dirt and bacteria from your skin, hair and sweat that can build up overnight. 

And while we're on the subject of pillowcases, I highly recommend switching to a silk or satin material. Skin breathes better with these pillowcases and can help minimize pores, reduce inflammation and retain its firmness...and it's better for your hair too.


Exfoliation. Some people do it, some people don't and everyone should.
Those who don't, are missing out on brighter, clearer, more luminous skin that allows for better product penetration and literally having to use less product per use.

And then there is the opposite. Those daily acid-loving, apricot-scrubbin' folks who scour, dissolve and peel their skin until they're LITERALLY red in the face. Don't get me wrong, I tend to lean on this side of the spectrum, so I'm not here to judge but rather correct some bad habits. 

Firstly, face scrubs (or physical exfoliants) with sharp-edged seeds, shells and generally anything super rough feeling, needs to go. It's too harsh and can lead to micro-tearing that is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and sensitizes the skin. A gentle scrub with jojoba beads (these dissolve completely once emulsified), grains, clays, and powders are perfect for delicately polishing the dead skin cells. And don't be too rough with the pressure, babes. Circular motions, working that product into the nooks and crannies for about a minute is all you need.

As for chemical exfoliants (glycolic acid, BHA's, retinols), this is where one can get a little crazy. I love me a good acid, and for the right person, these can do amazing things for the skin. Do you need to use these formulations daily?! Not necessarily. Listen to your skin. If you're finding yourself getting red easily or you're experiencing flakiness or excessive dryness, that is an indicator that you need to chill with the frequency of use.

To keep it simple, keep exfoliation of any kind limited to 2-4 times a week. With chemical formulas, position that part of your routine at night, and always give it a minute before applying any serums or moisturizers after.

If you're unsure what the best approach is for your skin, you can always ask a pro. Skin isn't one size fits all.
I offer virtual skin care consultations to assess and recommend the best routine for YOUR skin. So, if you need guidance, I got you.