Sick Day Rollerball Infusion

Sick Day Rollerball Infusion

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Feeling under the weather? Is that cold or flu kicking your ass? Get comfy under the covers, brew a nice hot cup of tea or lemon water and let us help. 

Sick Day is a cocktail of eucalyptus, rosemary and tea tree designed to chill out some of the symptoms associated with colds and flus. 

Key Ingredients 

  • Eucalyptus is known for its ability to suppress coughs and aid in getting nasty mucus out of your chest. It's an amazing oil for the respiratory system. 
  • Rosemary has antibacterial properties and aids with breaking down mucus and reducing inflammation. 
  • Tea Tree is a well known antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial oil that has been proven to fight bacteria responsible for respiratory issues. It's also great for clearing congestion. 

How To Use

  • Roll this blend onto the chest to allow easy inhalations on the go or before bed

Full Ingredients

Caprylic/capric triglyceride (Coconut Oil), Eucalyptus globulus Leaf Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Oil, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil